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A few things happened as of late. Making it almost impossible to stick to one thing.

I have more than 5 chapters of Naruto fanfiction written and ready to be posted. But... they star my oc Dendrac, great!

But i can't seem stick to a single thing with Dendrac. He is based off myself, and just as the journal title says.. i'm at the crossroads.

So what i'm saying is, i have stuff to post... but it just doesn't stay or become what I'M looking for.

You see... i'm sick of dealing with my so called "family". Yes I share the same blood, but that is not what makes a family! Always looked down at, compared to my older siblings.

As soon as i can stand on my own two feet... i have 2 ideas at the moment.

1) Disappear, change my name, hair, even eyes, leave the state, hell maybe the country... as of late i have nothing really to lose and everything to gain.

2) Move to another state or across the state that i live in, a 3 hour straight drive between me and my 'family'

Those that know me in real life... if you even get on deviant art anymore.. you have nothing to worry about. Because you are those that i see as my family...


1) Anyone else hyped as hell for Jurassic World!!?!?
2) Meet a girl... and it's like fire and oil... just how i like it! But.... DAMN.. and i thought i dated aggressive girls before... let's see if i can't just win her heart?


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Wouldn't you like to know
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I see you
So just back off before you are erased from this life

Favourite cartoon character: hollow ichigo, Spryo, Cynder, Grimmjow
Personal Quote: Life oves faster then you know don't let it pass you by

Um i'm Damion Frost and i'm a halo reach player it was the first game i got for my xbox witch i got it the same day as halo reach my birthday september 22 i got halo reach pre ordered soo that's all i got to say really i'm also a big fan of Spyro i even use to write storys but i've just lost intrest and i have a huge writing block so i don't know what to do


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hi dude im following XD have u seen my art work if u have plz tell me if u like it ^.^
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Sure no problem.

Just happy that anyone took the time to message me on anything for once. It's been for ever :D
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lol :P (Lick) Patrick (Santa) Random Kitty cat dance princess Luna 
From every single one of us here at DreamsOverRealityPro, thank you so very, very much for the watch, it will always be greatly appreciated! ^.^
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Heh. I can get very rude, well only when i'm tired or hungry...
Thanks for the heads up! We'll bare that in mind! :)
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